Thursday, January 21, 2016


Well imagine my suprise when I discovered this morning that a major cannabis website had published one of my recipes. But the bummer is they didnt even credit me. Just said "I stumbled on this recipe"  Then proceed to share it nearly word for word. Not even a link back to my blog!

So oh well. I try to share for the benefit of patients who live in other states where I cant provide medibles for them directly. I have always believed that shared knowledge helps to elevate us all.

So now you all can see why I havent been sharing so many recipes lately. I will hope to get all this knowlege in a simple cookbook form in the future and let you know how to get that.

Intellectual property is such a tricky issue on the internet. But I can tell you I surely feel violated and snubbed. :( 

So please feel free to use and share any of my published recipes, but hey could you please link back to this blog or credit THChristi if you share these on your own site.

Thanks for listening.

Stay up!


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