Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dispensary Review: Mountain Medicine Clinic Puyallup

A work in progress
Mountain Medicine Clinic is a brand new access point opened in Puyallup, WA.

We visited for the first time this week and met the bud-tender James.  What a nice guy!  He really seems to care about his patients and what they are looking for and what helps them.  He was very open to feedback and was very easy to talk to.

So I must say first off that this location JUST opened at the beginning of March and the inside remodel and layout is still an ongoing project.  I would call them in their "soft opening stage".  But when we were welcomed into the bud room we could certainly see the potential and progress. The location is conveniently located off of Meridian behind the 7-11 at 128th.

The one major draw back I found with this access point is that they are on the second floor of the building up a narrow staircase, so if you have mobility issues such as wheel chair or difficulty maneuvering stair ways this is not a location for you.

When we visited they were carrying about 9 strains of dried med and a couple of edibles as well as 1 tincture.  Some of the strains were familiar like AK-47, but others were named local strains that were new to us.  In our conversation with James we understood that as this access point grows they will be carrying quite a few more types of medication.  In the next week or so they will be adding a full line of topical meds and have plans to bring in more strains of dried med too.

Overall this was an enjoyable visit to a new up and coming access point.  Not a huge selection but what they lacked there (for now) they made up for in service, person-ability and interest in their patients.  We're looking forward to watching their continued expansion and I for one am glad to be one of their early members.

If you get a chance to get in here, do so and say hello to James while your there :0) Or check them out on facebook and watch the progress

Peace N Pot


MMJ Honey Elixir - Make Your Own Medicine

Whether it be a work day, a visit from non 420 friendly family or friends or just because its an easy smoke free option, there are a number of ways that medical marijuana patients can be discreet and still be pain free. Today I made a MMJ Honey Elixir for this purpose.  Here's a quick and easy recipe for you to make your own.


Equal parts honey
MMJ Alcohol Tincture


Mason Canning Jar
Double Boiler
Hot Jar Holder
A WELL ventilated kitchen

To get started fill your double boiler bottom with hot water and set on stove to boil. Turn your vent hood fan over the stove on HIGH

In the top part of your double boiler mix equal parts of honey and an alcohol based MMJ Tincture (I'll post how to make your own in a future blog)

Once water is boiling on stove, turn heat down to MEDIUM HIGH.  Place honey mixture on top of boiling water.  Heat and stir constantly until all the alcohol has evaporated.

Place mason jar on a towel on your counter.  Use the funnel and pour your hot elixir into jar. Now add the lid and ring and hand tighten.  Jar will form a seal as it cools.  That's all there is to this one.


Use your elixir in anything. Add it to tea, coffee or any beverage.  Use in recipes in place of honey.  Pour over pancakes.  Eat on toast.  Add some to mustard for a honey mustard dipping sauce or spread.  Very versatile.




Monday, March 12, 2012

U Dub Purp from CCC Ballard

This is my first strain review so I thought I better start with one of my new favorite strains UDub Purple

I went in to the CCC in Ballard a week ago and was in the midst of a bout of these crazy muscle spasms that I get periodically.  It usually starts out with an occasional twitching of my eyelids and builds up to shaking spasms in my hands and this time my shoulder was locking up with a painful cramping as well.  

Usually I look for strains that I know, but since it was my first visit to this access point I thought I'd test our budtender.  I asked her which medicine she would recommend for me and she went right to the UDub Purp.  She explained to me that this particular sample was tested and had a .22 CBD amount and would be good not only for my spasms but also for anxiety too.  Good thing because once my pain and spasms reach a certain level I have a tendency to have panic attacks.  CBD or cannabidol is a compound in cannabis with  that has been shown to relieve inflammation, pain, nausea, anxiety and inhibit cancer cell growth

Long and short of it is this.... I got home, loaded up my piece and took a couple of small hits.  The very smooth and tasty smoke relaxed me instantly.  Within a few minutes my spasms had stopped completely.  Relief!  Effect lasted for over an hour.

Another thing I noticed about this particular strain that I personally love is it left me clear headed.  A great strain to medicate and still get my to do list done.  

Peace n Pot!

Meet your bloggers an introduction

Meet your bloggers; an introduction

Hi! Welcome to our blog. Triiiches and I have been wanting to get more involved in the medical marijuana community here in Western Washington but until recently we were not sure what path we would take. We both noticed that there just are not a lot of review sites out of our home area and so we decided to start up our own.

We are both medical marijuana patients here in Washington state. We got our recommendation about a year ago and have found that we really enjoy going to different access points here in our local and anywhere we travel. Each access point has its own vibe and a different selection of medications.

We hope you will find our experiences helpful for you to find quality medicine and choose access points with the kind of vibe and energy that makes you comfortable.

Peace and Pot!


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