Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Legal weed may just ruin medical cannabis in Washington

So if your following me on social media you've heard this already but I want to post a blog about my activism with the hope that you too will take some action to try to save medical cannabis. 

Today Triiiches and I headed down to Olympia once again to try to make a stand for patients rights. We are accidental activists. Before the passage of initiative 502 which legalized recreational matijuana in Washington we had no reason to take action. Unfortunately once voters approved I-502 the LCB and legislature started the assanine process of trying to roll medical patients into the yet unopened recreational marijuana market.

Tonight just before midnight the house voted approval for HB 2149 aka the Cody bill. This bill will strip patients of our rights!  This bill would reduce our plant counts from 15 down to 6 (3 veg and 3 bloom), reduces the amount of cannabis patients can possess from 24 ounces down to 3, ends collective gardens (and this access for many), and would start a patient registry.  

The next step for this bill will put it before the senate. If approved there these limitations will become law. 

Please help us to help patients and stop this madness. Contact your senator and ask them to vote no on HB 2149 and any other legislation that would harm patients. Not everyone can lobby in person but a phone call or email only takes a few minutes. Remember these politicians represent you. Let them know how you feel. Keep compassionate care for thousands of your fellow citizens. 

Find your legislator or call the Legislative Hotline 1-800-562-6000

If this bill passes many sick people will be harmed. Together we may be able to stop this!

Thank you!



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