Thursday, November 15, 2012

When good weed goes bad or the trouble with teddies

Once again I'm working on a new recipe for medibles to share with other patients who want to make their own medicine.  The thing with creating new recipes is that they don't always work out.  Like that 1/2 pound of Cannabutter I wasted trying to make a butterscotch candy.  The first recipe I had the heat on too high and it burnt the sugar and the 1/4 pound of Cannabutter that was in there too.  

"So what it's all R&D." I told myself "I'll try a second batch and turn the heat down"

Cannabis Tincture

Well the second batch didn't turn out either so there went another 1/4 pound of Cannabutter.  There I went back to the drawing board with this recipe and there it sits, on the drawing board.  

No biggie, I just won't share that attempt until I get the recipe figured out and no one will be the wiser.

Tincture infused bears

No such luck with today's fiasco! I've been sharing on twitter for the last 3 days how I've been working on a batch of Ganja Gummy Bears.  So this morning I pull the beautiful little bears all fattened up with Cannabis tincture out of the fridge with the intention of evaporating the alcohol and leaving behind little bears full of Cannabinoids.  I decide to place these scrumptious little yummies in the food dehydrator on low and let the alcohol evaporate in the machine.  Seems like a grand idea!  What could go wrong?  I couldn't even think of one bad outcome.

That just goes to show that no matter how much cooking experience you have, there's no way to predict all the results. 

  Disinigrated Gummy Bears

Here's what happened.....  All those delicious little plump tincture bears disinigrated!  Cannabis goo melted all over my kitchen counter and throughout my food dehydrator!  Ugh!  There went a lot of work all in the name of research.  $100s of dollars of high CBD tincture just oozed over my counter top!  When I think of all the work that went into growing these beautiful plants, making tincture and then infusing the gummies I cringe!  But again it's all in the name of research and development and in the long run it's a small price to pay when I remember all the wonderful Cannabis recipes I've been able to create and share with other patients who are looking to make their own medicines.  

So here I am sharing one or two of my failures in working out Cannabis recipes just to let you all know that it's love that keeps me at it.  Thanks for supporting my efforts with your words of hope and encouragement and letting me know when one of the more successful recipes has helped you with what ever ails you. 

And all is not a loss.... I did find that the little bears infused with tincture make a potent medible.  Lucky for me I kept one jar of gummy bears out of the dehydrator.  Those little teddies will stay in the fridge soaking in the tincture and I'll be enjoying them as needed for my fibromyalgia pain.  So even if the intended recipe was a flop, I have a great recipe to share with you if you'd like to make little tincture infused gummy bears.  I'll share that in my next blog post.

Stay Elevated!


  1. As someone who has been through the exact same thing in the name of R&D I feel your pain. I really appreciate you posting this cause the last time this happened I wanted to cry as I watched my tincture jolly rancher mixture burn :( your site, great idea with the Swedish fish im still looking for a mold in that shape. Happy Medicating :))

  2. I have allergies to alcohol and I'm wondering if you have any ideas about tinctures that are made by cooking on the stove top? I think I had read somewhere about doing this but I cant find that recipe. It was pretty much the same as yours, but cooked instead of "aged" in jars in dark cabinets which doesn't seem to allow the alcohol to evaporate.

    1. Hi Cheryl, with allergies to alcohol I would recommend that you skip this alcohol tincture and make a glycerin tincture instead. If you evaporate the alcohol from this tincture recipe you will be left with an oily green extraction similar to a Rick Simpson oil but containing a lot of chlorophyll. For ease of use a glycerin tincture is a good option for you

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  4. butterscotch recipe as follows...
    1 C. canna-butter
    1 C. cream
    1 C. sugar
    1 C. brown rice syrup (corn syrup)
    1 tsp. vanilla extract
    Cook all ingredients, except extract, in 3qt sauce pan, med-hi, to 275 F.. Remove from heat add extract and pour into molds.



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