Saturday, September 1, 2012

Rainier Wellness Center Bubble Hash Making Class

Rainier Wellness Center is a great access point located at 3111 S. Pine St.

  • Tacoma, Washington. The thing about this place is they love their patients.  How do I know?  Well the staff at RWC is always helpful on the phone when I call in with questions. They also send me an email  everyday with a menu of their meds and the many services that they offer to their patients

Today Triiiches and I took advantage of their free Bubble Hash Making class.  What a great experience.  This class is limited to 10 patients so you get a real one on one opportunity to learn.  Today there was 6 patients. The instructor Alek took time to answer all of our questions and show us the step by step process twice.  This class was different because everyone had a chance to get some hands on experience with most of the steps.

Another upside of this class was the free flow of information not just about bubble hash making but a lot of other medical marijuana related topics.  The information from the other patients as well as the instructor lead to some good discussion during the waiting periods of the hash making process.

It's such a pleasure to network with other patients in the MMJ community. The energy and vibe left us with a positive glow as we went home where we continue drying our sample of the class' creation.  Will review the results of that as soon as its dry enough to taste.

Our experience at Rainier Wellness Center is always a good one.  Definitely check these guys out when you are in the area or check them out on Facebook

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