Monday, March 12, 2012

U Dub Purp from CCC Ballard

This is my first strain review so I thought I better start with one of my new favorite strains UDub Purple

I went in to the CCC in Ballard a week ago and was in the midst of a bout of these crazy muscle spasms that I get periodically.  It usually starts out with an occasional twitching of my eyelids and builds up to shaking spasms in my hands and this time my shoulder was locking up with a painful cramping as well.  

Usually I look for strains that I know, but since it was my first visit to this access point I thought I'd test our budtender.  I asked her which medicine she would recommend for me and she went right to the UDub Purp.  She explained to me that this particular sample was tested and had a .22 CBD amount and would be good not only for my spasms but also for anxiety too.  Good thing because once my pain and spasms reach a certain level I have a tendency to have panic attacks.  CBD or cannabidol is a compound in cannabis with  that has been shown to relieve inflammation, pain, nausea, anxiety and inhibit cancer cell growth

Long and short of it is this.... I got home, loaded up my piece and took a couple of small hits.  The very smooth and tasty smoke relaxed me instantly.  Within a few minutes my spasms had stopped completely.  Relief!  Effect lasted for over an hour.

Another thing I noticed about this particular strain that I personally love is it left me clear headed.  A great strain to medicate and still get my to do list done.  

Peace n Pot!

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