Monday, July 18, 2016

How having an alter ego freed me

I have been Christi Spangler nearly my entire life. As Christi Spangler my experiences formed my personality. My pains created my self imposed limitations. My hurts guarded my self expression. My dramas played out through my anxieties.

Enter cannabis.  Cannabis changed my life in so many ways. First it came to me as a form of medication relieving me from my physical pain. This freedom inspired me to want to help others and I began to follow that path creating recipes and formulas for pain relief. I began sharing these things with friends and family. They found relief and started pushing me to develop a brand and share this with the world. I went back and forth with branding ideas, but none seemed right. One day a family member suggested THChristi (Thank you Jim) and it felt right. I began labeling under that name. Soon after that I realized THChristi was not just a brand, but was to become my alter ego as well.  THChristi became my cannabis crusader name,  My internet moniker and my pot personality. I was Christi Spangler still,but now I was also THChristi, sensimilla super hero!

How liberating! THChristi had no past.  No problems. No limitations!  I was free as THChristi to be and do and say anything!  Free to express the best parts of Christi Spangler, without the limitations of past experiences. Amazing!

As I grew in my role of THChristi, something was happening in the background to Christi Spangler too. With each successful step outside of my former comfort zone, THChristi gave Christi some of her confidence. With every accolade that THChristi received, Christi too experienced accomplishment.

So long story short , THChristi, my alter ego, has become my personal healing hero. And THChristi allowed me, Christi Spangler, to become a fully functioning human. 

Whats the point of this story on this blog?  I simply aspire to inspire you reader to find the super hero within yourself.  Find her, be her, and become who you were meant to be.

Sparkle & Shine!

One love from me, myself & I

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Kief Jerky

I've been receiving a ton of request for this recipe. I had planned to save this one for my upcoming cookbook, but since so many of you are looking for a healthy, protein rich way to medicate, I decided to let this recipe out early.

Kief ready to decarboxylate
Here's what you will need to do this project.


1 pound of thin sliced, very lean raw beef. I like to use eye of round and trim off all the fat.

3 Tablespoons of Tamari (you can substitute Soy Sauce but then the jerky will not be gluten free)

1 teaspoon of coarsely ground pepper

1 teaspoon of Tapatio salsa picante

1 teaspoon of gluten free garlic powder

1 tso of fine ground pink himmalayan salt (or substitute sea salt)

4 grams of decarboxylated kief or bubblehash. Please be sure to decarb this kief to make the medicine activated for edibles.


1 large and 1 small mixing bowl

Food dehydrator or a wire cooling rack, cookie sheet and an oven

Food handlers gloves

Sharp knife and cutting board or meat slicer

Cookie sheet

Wire seive

Step 1: 

Remove all the fat from your meat. This is a very important step!  Any fat left on the meat will cause your finished jerky to spoil as the fat can go rancid and mold over a short time!  So be vigilant when removing the fat!

Step 2:

Slice the meat across the grain into thin slices (1/4" thick works well) and place the sliced meat into your large mixing bowl

Step 3:

In your smaller mixing bowl, stir together the other ingredients reserving the decarboxylated kief to the side. When well mixed add this marinade to your sliced meat. Now using your gloved hands, mix up the beef and marinade so that all sides of each meat piece have been exposed to the marinade. Cover mixing bowl with plastic wrap and refridgetate for several hours until the marinade has been absorbed by the beef.

Step 4:

Remove the marinated meat from the refridgerator. Lay meat out on a cookie sheet in a single layer. Use the wire sieve to sieve the decarboxylated hash or kief onto the meat. Toss the meat together to allow the keif to evenly coat the meat.

Step 5:

If using a food dehydrator... lay the meat out in single layer on the racks. Do not over lap any of the meat. Do not add grease or cooking spray to the racks!  Set the dehydrator temperature to 150 degrees fahrenheit.  Set timer for 8 hours.

If using a conventional oven.... place wire rack on cookiesheet. Lay the meat in a single layer on wire rack. Do not overlap the meat. Do not add any grease or cooking spray. Set the oven at the lowest temperature.  Mine goes to 175 degrees fahrenheit.  Place cookie sheet in oven on a middle rack. Use a wooden spoon to keep the oven door gapped open. Set timer for 6 hours.

Step 6:  

When your timer goes off, check on your jerky. Is it fully dried?  If it is, allow it to cool before removing from your rack. If it is not fully dehydrated, set yimer for another hour and check it again. Repeat as neccessary until the meat is fully dry and cooled.

Step 7

Remove meat from the rack. Store in a sealed ziplock bag. If you have been vigilant in your removal of the fat from the meat and have fully dehydrated your meat, it will store indefinitely at room temperature. If you have left any fat on the meat or have pulled it out before it is 100% dehydrated, then store in a sealed container in the refridgerator. The shelf life on the refridgerated version is around 2 weeks.

Step 8: 

Enjoy responsibly.  Start with a small piece to see how this edible will affect you. Because of the chewy nature of the jerky, you will have it in your mouth for a minute. This is a good thing as it allows you to get a sublingual quick acting effect, followed by an edible effect that comes on fully after 1-2 hours depending on how your body metabollizes.

Yummy, healthy and glutenfree jerky!

You can upsize this recipe easily by double or tripling the ingredients.

If you use the ingredients as listed without substitutions this will be gluten free.

If you want to substitute a different hot sauce that still works or if its too spicy, leave out the hot sauce but double the amount of black pepper.

If you have trouble slicing the meat you can either freeze it for about an hour to firm it up, or you can adk at your grocery meat counter if they can slice it for you.

You can substitute turkey for the beef. Just increase your stove temperature to 200.

You can substitute cannabis concentrate like bho or co2 oil or distillate (the clear) for the kief. However be sure it has been decarboxylated first. Then you will want that concentrate warmed slightly and can add it with a dropper or pastry brush directly to the meat before putting it in the dehydrator.


If you run into problems, have questions or need assistance, please leave a comment below and I will do my best to help.

Stay lifted!


Post Script:

Hey friends!  Are you interested in my upcoming cannabis cookbook?  Do you want updates on the cookbook and other THChristi happenings, including meet and greet opportunities, possible classes and other public events?  If so, be sure to give my new public figure page a like on Facebook!


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